Taskeen Fareed



Born in Johannesburg and grew up in Boksburg. Growing up I’ve always had a passion for sport and helping others. I found that Biokinetics really helps fulfil that passion. 


I finished my graduate degree, Bachelors in Biokinetics, in 2019 from the University of Johannesburg. I was fortunate enough to do my internship at Dewald van Rooyen Biokineticists and Yolande van Vuuren Biokineticists. My professional strengths lie in my enthusiasm to work with people and help them get better. My skills and competencies include a thorough assessment or diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation for various conditions and injuries as well as sport performance enhancement.

Contact Info

Phone : 071 527 3990 / 071 683 2706
Email : biokinetics.vanvuuren@gmail.com