Minnette Pienaar



Minnette was always active growing up, from competitive swimming to mountain biking for leisure. She decided pursue her passion for movement and went to the North West University, Potchefstroom campus to study Human movement science. After three years and receiving her degree, she continued with her Honours in Biokinetics. 

She has a keen interest in Orthopaedic – and Neurological rehabilitation. Minnette is intrigued by the working of the body and anatomy to create movement and how to manipulate it to reach a specific goal. She has a holistic approach to how she goes about her work; with her patient’s interest always as her first priority.

Minnette has first hand experience in rehabilitation after an injury. Which gives her an unique understanding and compassion for the long process of recovery. 

Contact Info

Phone : 071 527 3990 / 083 310 6449
Email : minette@vvabiocapetown.co.za