Maritsa van der Westhuizen



Growing up I have always been fascinated by how the human body works. I came across Biokinetics at a young age due to a sports injury and have since followed my path to pursue my profession as a Biokineticist. I participate in several sport activities including Athletics, road running, Netball and Ring ball.

I completed my three-year degree in BSc Human Movement Science and Physiology at NWU and furthered my studies the following year by completing my Honours degree in Biokinetics at NMMU. Thereafter I fulfilled my Internship at a private practice in Hartenbos whereby I also completed several other courses linking to our field of Biokinetics.

As a registered Biokineticist with the BASA and HPCSA Councils, I enjoy working with numerous types of Orthopaedic injuries/conditions as well as several Chronic and Neurological conditions. My main Orthopaedic areas will include shoulder, back and hip injuries/conditions. I also adore working with children. It’s rewarding to see how a child or adult’s life improve through patient rehabilitation and Health promotion.

I love meeting and cooperating with new people daily and I thoroughly enjoy what I do.

What drives me as a Biokineticist is seeing people improving the quality of their life and helping them to fulfil their needs and return to their daily activities or sporting activities pain free. Knowing that I have been part of their road to recovery.

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