Can exercise increase a child’s immunity?

This worldwide pandemic has gotten our children more used to being indoors and less used to being physically active outdoors and it is damaging our children more than you can believe. More and more children are suffering from anxiety and stress disorders, being depressed, and getting more ill from the common cold than they used to, and this can be due to the fact that all sports at school has stopped, group activities suspended, exercise classes have moved online etc. Children have been the forgotten force during this pandemic, yet they are some of the most affected parties to this.

Exercise and being physically active are such important aspects of ALL children’s lives. Exercise helps in the prevention of many diseases; it aids in keeping bones healthy and strong as well as bettering one’s immune system. The research is very scarce on the topic of exercise and immunity but what we have found is that there is evidence that participating in moderate exercise will increase one’s immunity.

Some of the aspects that could help boost one’s immune system by participating in exercise can be seen as:

• While exercising and after exercising your body temperature will rise, this aids in preventing bacteria from growing as well as the increase in body temp will aid the body in fighting off any infections.

• White blood cells can be seen as the body’s immune system, these are responsible for fighting off illness and diseases. Exercise has a direct impact on the white blood cells and antibodies. While you are exercising the white blood cells and the antibodies circulate the body quickly and this helps the body fight off illnesses quicker.

• Being active helps the flush any toxins and bacteria from the lungs and airways, this helps in the reduction of the chances of getting sick

Not only are there many health benefits of exercise, but exercise also helps and aids in the reduction of stress and anxiety. Children should not be depressed or anxious and exercising and keeping active will assist in the reduction of this. Lessening the stress levels also lessen the chances against some illnesses.

Making sure that children stay children during these tough times is so important, encourage your children to play outside, to be more active, to go outside more, to spend less time in front of screens and just be more physically active in general.

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