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Biokineticists are trained professionals registered with the HPCSA and are concerned with preventative healthcare, the maintenance of physical abilities and final-phase rehabilitation. We are trained in the use of scientifically-based exercises and improve quality of life by rehabilitating sports injuries, pre and post-operative conditions, non-communicable diseases and sports performance.

What it's about


You should consult a Biokineticist if you suffer from a chronic disease such as heart disease, hypertension ,arthritis or diabetes. If you suffer from orthopaedic conditions that prevent you from optimising your quality of life. If you had surgery and are finding it difficult to recover fully. If you suffered an injury which continues to hamper your ability to function optimally. If you have recurring sport injuries and if you require exercise as part of a weight-management programme. If you are sedentary and need to increase your physical fitness level. If you need to improve your general physical abilities through exercise.

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  • You have been so kind, friendly, helpful, professional and caring. I am so pleased to have been referred to. I am delighted with the results of my osteoporosis condition improving and I feel much better. I will certainly recommend you highly. Your services are appreciated.

    Debora Leal
  • I joined Van Vuuren Biokinetics 2 years ago, with RA and a very bad Rotator cuff injury. Living with RA is a very challenging auto-immune disease as ones joints cease up frequently and feel stiff most of the time. Over time they have helped me to see the importance of excercising everyday and have definately developed a love for it. It has helped with my mobility and general well being in a great way and my rotata cuff injury has also dramatically improved. Thank you to all the therapist that treat me, your encouragement , perseverance and patience has definately paid off. At Van Vuuren Biokinetics they listen to their patients and provide strengthening programs tailor made for the individual. I would definitely recommend them, they are the best in town!

    Bonita Kwan
  • Biokinetics has had a vastly positive effect on the quality of my 90 year old Father’s life. His agility and muscle tone are now astounding for a person his age. Even though he’s always been a fit & chirpy bloke, it got to the stage when he was regularly landing in hospital due to losing his balance or footing. Biokinetics was suggested and has become an amazingly positive aspect of his life in so many ways. Obviously the professionalism and attitude of this practice has also played a major role in “The Repair of Courtney”. Thank you sincerely. Also for sorting out my own debilitating walking problem.

    CK Morris
  • I started Bio on the 4 September 2018 and in this short time I have noticed such a big difference to my very low muscle tone problem. Maritza is very passionate about her work and always makes time for me when I can’t be there at normal working hours. Many times she has been there for me at 6am which I am so grateful for. She is so friendly and I have gained a friend. I would not hesitate at all to recommend her to anyone.

    Carla Caldeira
  • I had a very bad accident earlier this year and lost the strength and mobility of my right arm. After working for a couple of months with my physiotherapist, I was sent to Van Vuuren Biokinetics. At the time I was referred to the Bio, I was very demotivated and in a bad space with the progress of my arm. It felt like we trained hard, but there wasn’t much to show for the effort. I had to change my routine and move to more progressed exercises. Maritsa took me under her wing and started with more advanced exercises, but still within the range of movement I was able to do. She worked very well with my Physio. Together they’ve helped me move towards my next step of recovery. I’m not someone that trained before and never went to gym, so was not used to training. Maritsa guided me well through the exercises and helped me progress slowly. Now she is an essential part of my rehabilitation journey. Maritsa is very accommodative and committed to her work. She has a pleasant personality and I enjoy my exercise sessions with her.